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Filthy Riches is a Complete Step By Step Turn Key Home Study Course and 3 Day Training Anyone Can Make Money With.... Guaranteed!


It is a Proven System for Buying and Selling Cheap Houses Anywhere in The USA That No One Else Wants, With None of Your Own Cash, Credit and Zero Risk! Then Selling The Property With Seller Financing and a Low Down Payment To An Investor or First Time Home Buyer!


Then Selling The Note For Immediate Cash or Collecting The Monthly Payments For 10 Years!



Yes It Is Even Faster, Safer and Easier Than Wholesaling!

Special bonuses Package for the first 12 to sign up!

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Super Bonus Package!

Super Bonus #1:

Million Dollar REO Bank Directory

REO is an acronym for 'Real Estate Owned' by banks that have foreclosed on the borrower. Now you can snatch up bank foreclosed properties before other investors ever catch wind ' without having to spend 18 months building a database of REO contacts!


Very few people know this, but when a bank forecloses on a house, a corresponding percentage of money must be kept in reserves. That money is tied up and can't be loaned out again (i.e. can't generate income for the bank) until the REO is sold. This is why banks beg me and my prot'g's to take foreclosed properties off their hands.


Armed with this million-dollar directory, you'll have the REO contact information for 238 banks. Every record includes the address, phone, fax, e-mail, and web site address for the bank's REO department, plus the manager's name.


Best of all, it comes in spreadsheet format, so you can easily print mailing labels or email the lenders all at once.


Great for working short sales, bank owned properties or to use as a direct mailing list. Not available to the public at any price.


Super Bonus #2:


Business Plan For Real Estate Investors

If you want to attract partners, win your spouse's moral support, set up a line of credit, or just get your loans approved faster and with better interest rates, a solid business plan will do wonders for your business.


This slam-dunk 'fill in the blank' real estate business plan has impressed every banker who's seen it.


It's fully customizable for your business, and will rocket you from 'amateur' status into the major leagues.


Comparable ready-made business plans cost $300-500, but this one is complimentary when you accept my risk-free offer. It's not available to the public at any price.



Super Bonus #3:


FREE Consultation With My Personal CPA's


This is a bonus that I had to fight to get for you. I know I have the best CPA's in the business. I also know there are many investors that want and need some really good advice.


In order for me to convince my personal CPA's to offer my students a FREE consultation I had to assure them that I would not just offer it to the general public but only to a select few of my students.


So by simply placing your order on this special website, you will receive their personal contact information so you can set up your own private personal consultation to ask them anything you want to know.


Whether it is about asset protection, entity structuring, tax planning and strategies and more they will give you the same strategies I have used to make and save thousands. I can tell you they are the best in the business and have saved me literally thousands of dollars in taxes each year.


The good news is if you decide that you want them to become your personal CPA's they work in all 50 states.



Super Bonus #4:

Free Upgrades for Life

Besides a comprehensive manual, the Filthy Riches System! includes an arsenal of proprietary software, forms, bookmarks and more.


When placing your order today, I'll bonus you a lifetime of free updates.


I will give you private website membership where you can get each and every update that I ever make to the course. When I update anything I use then YOU automatically get instant access to it --- for life! See the log in screen shot below…




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888-212-6567 Toll Free Order Number

Super Bonus #5:


12 Months of FREE Email and Phone Support Personally From Me and My Team

If you promise to send me a testimonial after your first deal, I'll personally answer your questions, support you, and provide the solution to any challenge you face, for an entire year!


All I ask is that you send your questions by email first. If I can't answer your question or solve your problem by email, I'll call you... fair enough?

This is the only way I can waive the cost of thousands of dollars worth of support for an entire year.

Of course, you can email your questions 24 hours per day. And since I check my email all day long, I usually reply within one business day. And remember: even if an obstacle seems 'big' to you, I've probably faced it many times, so I can usually solve it in minutes.


Best of all, your '12 months' doesn't begin until I receive your first question. So if for some reason, you have no questions until a few months from now, you won't be 'using up' your valuable support bonus so save up!



Super Bonus #6:

FREE Coaching Profile

In addition to the support that is handled by me personally I also have a coaching and mentoring program. Now there is a fee for our coaching programs as it is one on one personal coaching designed for your own personal situation.


However, what I am offering you is a FREE coaching profile to jump start you and to see if you may qualify to become one of our success stories.


We want to find out where you are in your investing career, where you want to go, what your likes are and what your dislikes are. We want to know all about you and how we may be able to help you get to where you want to be in the shortest period of time.


Now here is the best part. When you take advantage of my offer, to show our commitment to your success, not only are we going to offer you a FREE coaching profile but also WE are going to call YOU! How is that for commitment to your success?



Super Bonus #7:


FREE Unlimited $50 Referral Certificates!
Many of our students come from referrals from other students. Well now we have decided to start paying our students for what they are already doing.



So for each person you refer to us that invest in our training we are going to pay you $50. Simply fill out the referral form you will receive and send it to us and we will contact the person direct for you.


Super Bonus #8:

Addition to My Short List of Buyers

Yes I will add you to My short list of buyers to get first dibs on my wholesale properties and seller financed properties all over the USA.


And Here is the
Mac Daddy of All Bonuses... 

Super Bonus #9:

Two Complimentary Tickets to My Advanced Larry Goins Live Events!


I told you earlier that the problem with most home study courses is that the trainer holds back their best information until you pay for their high priced boot camps, but not me!

At this transformational event, I turn freshmen and sophomore investors into real estate tycoons. It normally costs $2,500.00 and takes place about eight times a year all over the USA.


We will provide you with all of the details of how to sign up for each event. When you leave on the last day, you'll be a true master, able to wheel and deal like the best of us.


We'll walk you step-by-step through every stage of The Filthy Riches System! You can even bring us deals you're working on, and we'll analyze them in front of the audience.



But Wait That's Not All

I am also going to give you…

8 ways to get your Filthy Riches... FREE!


That's right: here are eight different ways to get your money back and get my system ABSOLUTELY FREE!! And remember, you only have to do ONE of the eight to get your course fee refunded!

  • Close 3 Hard Money or Day Funding Loans With Us or…
  • Buy a Wholesale House From Us or…
  • Sell a Wholesale House To Us or…
  • Buy a Filthy Riches Financed House From Us or…
  • Buy a Filthy Riches Seller Financed Note From Us or…
  • Sell a Filthy Riches Seller Financed Note To Us or…
  • Let Me Fund Your First Filthy Riches Deal or…
  • Do a Deal and Send a Testimonial!


Remember, you only need to qualify for one of the eight ways to get your complete course fee refunded so what are you waiting for?


Remember, not only do we buy and sell houses but we have a vested interest in YOUR SUCCESS!


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888-212-6567 Toll Free Order Number

Get Your Filthy Riches
Quick Analyzer Software!



With the filthy riches quick analyzer you can analyze any property in a few seconds and see exactly how much money you are going to make! You will never again wonder how much you can pay for a Filthy Riches property!


It calculates your offer amount, terms of sale and best of all the profit! It even calculates your yield and how much you can sell the note for as well.



Best of Success To You,

Larry H. Goins


P.S. Don't wind up kicking yourself because you lost out on the Super Bonuses.


P.P.S. We all want to be Debt Free, Stress Free and Set Free! Here is your chance.


P.P.P.S. I want you to ask yourself one question. Who in my life is suffering because I am not making the kind of money they deserve? A person I look up to told me that once and I have never forgotten it and I don't want you to forget it either.


P.P.P.P.S. If you have questions and would like to speak to someone in my office please call 803-831-2858 and ask to speak to a course consultant. We will be glad to answer any and all of your questions however you do risk losing your spot to receive all of the bonuses offered if you do not place your order now. Our office is open 9am-5pm EST.